After a few enriching days, our Italian team concluded their visit to our Madrid headquarters, brimming with inspiration and fresh ideas from their interactions with their Spanish colleagues. 

As part of their visit, they had the opportunity to explore the Trujillo solar plant, which showcased the tangible realization of Abei Energy’s vision: harnessing the sun and wind to produce clean and renewable energy. 

These intensive days were filled with dynamic exchanges, constructive suggestions, and strategic discussions, all aimed at propelling the continuous growth and improvement of our company. 

Now, infused with renewed enthusiasm, they return to our daily work, more determined than ever to achieve our ecological transition goals. The significance of these goals resonates not only at a national level but also on a global scale. 

At Abei Energy, we remain steadfast in our commitment to drive the transition towards renewable energy and contribute to a sustainable future for all. Stay connected as we continue our journey towards a greener and cleaner world.